Together Strong Day

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The initial purpose of bringing everyone together was to increase connections, collaboration, exposure and business within local and global communities through onsite events headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee with live-streaming engagement, bringing everyone together on an international level through in-person and digital communications.

With annual Mayoral and Gubernatorial proclamations, Together Strong Day has evolved into a daily endeavor, turned revolutionary movement, to establish thought leadership and positive reinforcement in word and deed within local communities, igniting global reach. Still withholding, yet evolving beyond connections, collaboration, exposure and business, Together Strong Day continues to accomplish the annual mission to encourage unity and respect of all human beings.

We are Together Strong in six distinct areas of purpose:

  • Professional
  • Spiritual
  • Generational
  • Geographic
  • Cultural
  • Social

We are requesting mayoral, gubernatorial and presidential proclamations from all cities, counties, states, national and international regions for the following:

Together Strong Day, Everyday! (proclamation to read as written above)

  • Mission: Bringing Everyone Together (Mission accomplished online and off by appointed Together Strong Ambassadors representing various geographic regions)
  • Message: Together We Are Stronger – (Online conversations: #TogetherStrong (with specific region specified) i.e. #Memphis
  • Vision: National and International Recognition of Together Strong Day (Annually on 1st Thursday of December)

For more information about Together Strong Revolution @ 901.820.4469 or email

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