The Power Of Discovery

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Karen Leavitt’s weekly radio show, The Power of Discovery, offers inspiration to listeners worldwide. 

The Power of Discovery is an…

  • Exhilarating
  • Inspirational
  • Heartfelt

…program developed from Karen Leavitt’s insight based on her journey from medical professional to patient.

Highlighting people from all walks of life through…

  • Various stages of overcoming adversity
  • Embracing daily challenges
  • Awakening to the rediscovery of self-transformation

…is Karen’s passion and purpose fulfilled.

Karen engages with a number of successful…

  • Life Coaches
  • Authors
  • Athletes
  • Everyday People

…who discuss their journey and processes.

“We are all learning life’s lessons every day and living in the moment, regardless of where we are in our journey.”  Karen Leavitt

  • The Power of Discovery translates the path of our journey into real life applications that live out-loud! 

About The Host

Karen Leavitt is an illumination of possibilities to all who know her.”  Sherri Motes Henley, BOCI Founder and CEO 

A career nurse for many years, she is a natural caregiver, leader, educator and advocate for people. Highly compassionate and a person of action with a “can do attitude”, Karen invokes high-energy and positive mindsets.  Her zeal for life is combined with an athletic background as a distance runner and equestrian rider, making her a natural to impact the lives of others substantially. 

Author of The Resilient Soul, sold in markets 2016, Karen draws from her experience of growing up with a strong core-value system, high sense of self-worth, and an innate determination instilled by her large family of origin.  Karen’s life experience comes alive on the pages of The Resilient Soul, and is in strategic alignment with The Power of Discovery Radio’s overarching message. 

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Karen Leavitt has been the premier host of VoiceAmerica’sThe Sky’s the Limit Radio, launched in 2008 – 2016; A candid, insightful conversation with others about achieving goals and dreams by shifting their mindset from past to present, evolving from circumstances turned possibilities through determination of wanting more. 

After a life-changing accident in 2013 that left Karen with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), Karen stands taller today, equipped with awareness from adversity, having turned tragedy into triumph.  As a survivor in the truest sense, Karen’s path is much clearer now as a victor. Through her struggles she has openly and candidly spoken about her journey from both a professional, as well as a survivor standpoint. 

Karen is a strong, exemplary and invigorating person who practices living life to its fullest potential – no matter what the present-day view. Determined not to be defined by the events and results of her accident, she assists others to further themselves by living a more intuitive and robust life through The Power of Discovery!

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