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Living on Purpose is an intentional choice to move toward achieving goals, day by day, based on a personal life mission and purpose, in alignment with values, goals, and daily activities.

Recently, I facilitated a half day of honest introspection with a small learning group, where discovery was deepened with fresh definitions of personal truth in communication, values clarity, and balance.

An important truth for each of us was, “We don’t know what we don’t know.”  Even if we could accomplish a “mind meld” and transfer all necessary information in one download, we surely would have missed the most joyful part of of this learning experience.

We acknowledged that we are humans learning to understand more, to become more, to realize our full potential.

Living on Purpose is a lifelong unfolding. On this one day we took an honest step, making new discoveries along the way.

Living On Purpose Begins With Truth

Opening with the six behaviors of Integrity-Based Communications, the room was filled with acknowledgment about how we deny ourselves and sabotage our relationships by withholding truth, however subtly.  Identifying habits to break and habits to make, we agreed that telling our truth quickly allows people to know us faster and more authentically. It can feel risky to be vulnerable, yet it is a necessary step to living on purpose and leading by example.

Living On Purpose Means Understanding Values, Meaning

We agreed that people do things for their reasons, not ours.  Motivated by pleasure (or avoidance of pain), we each identified our top values required for sustaining happiness in a significant relationship: self, God, life partner, or other personal choice.  With the help of a classmate, each of us created a hierarchy of prioritized values for our chosen relationship, and expressed our truth about what each value looked like, behaviorally.

Living On Purpose Is Observable

Once our top values were named and defined by sharing expectations of behavior, each person learned that they can give up the need to wonder, guess, or pretend that we can read another person’s mind.  What a freeing concept! The result is a move away from stress and frustration, replaced by mutual joy and fulfillment.

Example: My #1 value in my relationship with my husband John is integrity, and I know I am experiencing it when each of us does what we say we will do, consistently. The result is, we know we can count on one another.

Living on Purpose Includes Living a Balanced Life

Our final focus of the morning was to look at Living on Purpose through a three-part exercise of self-examination and goal setting, focused on living a balanced life.  We assessed ourselves in nine life domains, by

  • Ranking the domains 1 through 9 in terms of priority
  • Assigning a score of 0-100% in each life domain
  • Creating one achievable action step in each life domain to move us closer to 100% in the coming week.        

Accompanied by laughter shared while learning, we acquired tools to take each of us to a higher level of self-awareness, and to make a deeper commitment to personally live on purpose.

We committed to intentional Living on Purpose over the coming month, practicing what we learned about ourselves in this Living on Purpose sampler with our family, friends, and other significant people in our lives.

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Comment by Rinda - Organo Gold on March 15, 2014 at 9:51pm

From the highlights above, it sounds like it was a great event! 

Comment by BOCI - Business Over Coffee on March 9, 2014 at 8:55pm
This experience is life changing! Sherri Henley

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