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From my friend in Florida!!!


Ok, don't cancel me after 30 days. I want to stay on the 90 day challenge. I already have more energy and put on a favorite pair of jeans this morning and they fit a bit better. Now I'm really excited! I'm not even having my chocolate cravings. I don't want to remeasure or weigh til the 30 days are up.  Even with all the stress lately, it's not getting me as tired as I normally would be from emotional times. YAY!

Can't thank you enough for telling me about this and not being pushy. You are awesome.

Love ya,


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Comment by Beverly -Beverly Borwick Designs on September 25, 2013 at 8:16am

Brenda and Glen, your passion for helping break the obesity epidemic is highly praise-worthy! Thank you for dedicating your lives to serving. I am excited about taking that challenge!

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