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When I was in my 20’s, the only way I could have a ‘WOW’ shopping experience was to travel out of town – Dallas for Neiman-Marcus, New York for Saks, Seattle for Nordstrom’s. 

Hard to believe that elusive “pampering shopping experience” had been in my backyard for years – in plain sight.  Now I can find any girl’s favorite gift - or send a hapless husband for help (my favorite store knows what I love!).

The ease and convenience of finding “the right gift” begins with my first “hello” at the door.  Even if they don't know my name, a smiling face and easy connection make me feel at home.

Imagine walking into a light, airy boutique where chandeliers hang over a long island of sparkling jewelry…simple and sophisticated, dramatic and dazzling, bold and beautiful (surprisingly well within budget).

On the outer perimeter, groupings of designer jewelry, and gifts galore: candles, lotions, powders, perfume.  Colorful cross-body purses, fashion forward clutches, stationery, and an entire collection of items to monogram. A large table behind the jewelry is laden with scrumptious scarves and wraps of every color and design…oh my!

Now that I’ve picked up a warm wool red scarf for mom, a classic clutch for me,  sparkling ears bobs for daughter, and smashing color-block wrap for me, I’ve spent just $150 and collected fashion ideas for every female on my list.

Forgot to mention my monthly coupon, but the helpful staff asked at check-out.  Ka-ching…saved even more (anyone can sign up at

Dazzle made sure what was a gift (and what was for me), wrapped each with tissue and ribbons, festive in a fashionable pink bag.  Fun to shop, fun to open!

Once you feel know you’ll get the guidance you need to make the right purchase – no mistakes – you’ll even share your shopping secret with best friends…and strangers on the street who compliment you.  And readers like you…who want to know.

It’s your turn to replicate my favorite shopping experience, and find the latest collection of fashionable gifts, handbags, jewelry and accessories in a chic boutique catering to classic, fashionable and trendy women of all ages.

Dazzle is the store, at 7730 Poplar Avenue in Germantown, TN (suburb of Memphis), phone 901.755.8393

You can find them online at

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Comment by BOCI - Business Over Coffee on December 11, 2013 at 9:23pm

Hey I must have missed you.  Awe.   It was amazing store and I enjoyed my experience there... even picked up a holiday gift.

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