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Helping Feed the Children in our Community

The ViSalus™ Body by Vi™ Challenge has helped thousands of people achieve their personal health and fitness goals with our high-quality nutritional products.

The Vi-Community Challenge reaches out in a different way, bringing the same healthy meals to children’s charities across the United States and Canada.

WE can all make a difference in TN and MS!!!

Hunger exists in every community—even your own.
One in four children go to bed hungry every night. We think that’s one too many.
Join the Vi-Community Challenge and give hope to a child in your community.
ViSalus will double your donation through our Matched Giving Program, helping you provide twice as many healthy breakfast, lunch and snack options for a hungry child.
Each $24 donation buys 30 children’s Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix meals, which is automatically doubled to a full pouch of 60 kid-sized shake meals.
Each $18 donation is matched to buy a full box of 14 Chocolate Chip Nutra-Cookie™ protein and nutrient-rich cookies. There are no limits to how much or how often you can give—or how much ViSalus will match.
A Company that is giving back to the communities across the country!!!  Our Co-Founder Ryan Blair was one of those children that went to bed hungry.  He became a Gang Member, but through the Grace of God, he had a mentor to help him.  You can read about his story in his book..  Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain by Ryan Blair.
Help us make a difference donate today.  If you do not see your charity, please msg me so that we can get it added to the list.
Together, we can accomplish much!!!
Brenda Green

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Comment by Beverly -Beverly Borwick Designs on September 16, 2013 at 10:38am

I love the Visalus "Shake that tastes like a shake!"

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