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The WBEC Great Women, Great Things Conference descended upon Memphis like a whirlwind! Women from all styles of business came to learn and share. And not only women, but men were in attendance as well!

This confidence added a boost to women entrepreneurs by providing them with valuable services to extend their exposure. One in particular was the Business Over Coffee platform that was an intriguing presence. BOCI provided the attendees with LIVE interviews to be able to share their business with not only the in- house viewers but the virtual world as well. These on-the-spot interviews were the "belle of the ball" so to speak as many lined up for their opportunity to bring exposure to their business as well as discuss the conference as a whole. The discussions ranged from new information learned at the roundtable talks to the networking that transpired between many of the conference guests.

Many of the interview guests, including Daniel Boren of Nissan, were delighted to discuss the inner workings of their business and how they were grateful that WBEC had come back for a fourth time. Stax Music Academy Student, Evvie McKinney, was thrilled to take part in the conference and offered a youthful outlook on the world of business. If she is a preview of the next generation of business owners, the business world is in great hands!

So many GREAT THINGS were happening all around us. Professional Headshots were taken, blogging, networking, and meeting new possibilities for collaboration were all taken place at once. Marva Ballard, of Dangerous Curves Fashions, stated that she was "having a great time" as well as did Wanda  Rea, who happens to have been crowned A Champion Woman Entrepreneur. We're proud of you, Wanda!

At times, the conference was a frenzy of information and excitement. One didn't know whether to attend the networking fair, spend time connecting one on one or to join the BOCI table and sign up for a complimentary profile while watching interviews! Instead of shouting tigers, lions, and bears, oh my. One just had to exclaim, Great Women, Great Things, AND Great Men, oh my!!

Holli Weatherington, displayed her excitement by joining in on the LIVE interviews. Holli works with individuals who want to understand how to sustain energy better with their electrical devices. She describes how we can "go green" with electricity as well. She must have picked up on all the electricity in the room. Although I'm not sure how it could have been sustained. The energy was electrifying!!

I can still hear the silent chat in the room:

Great Women, Great things, AND Great Men, OH MY! 

Great Women, Great things, AND Great Men, OH My!


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Comment by Beverly -Beverly Borwick Designs on September 24, 2013 at 8:17pm

Excellent capture on a great event Maricia! Very impressive!

Comment by Shelley Page Baur on September 24, 2013 at 1:10pm

All that and more, Maricia!

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