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4C's Collaboration, Communications and Connecting leads to Creativity: Meet the Authors

The Creativity of the people who walked in the room for the SHARE session of Business Over Coffee International (BOCI) brought an air of anticipation as we waited to get started. The Book, The Power Of Collaboration In Business, was in the building (Ridgeway Business Center) and we were ready to get started.

Sherri Henley, Founder and CEO, BOCI  gave the group the history of getting the book completed and introduced the collaborating authors. I am in awe of the nuggets that were dropped in the room to benefit the live and virtual audience as we listened  to the inside story of the book being written and published. This setting was an excellent opportunity to be in the room with seven of the authors.  There was a feeling of "Bringing Everyone Together' and this phrase was heard several times during  the interviews.

I am a BOCI professional member and mentee and I enjoy learning from these ladies and I am also a collector of signed copies of books, so this as a great session for me.  I would like to share with you some of the collaborative words that we heard.

Sherri is one of the most focused and creative business persons I have ever met but the great thing about her style is how she shares the knowledge and wisdom. She balances all this with a bright smile and a warm Hello so it is no surprise that she wrote a chapter, Are you the "I" or "We in Team? This is an interesting question to ask if you are interested in collaboration. This would be the time to mention that the book is available at the BOCI headquarters and n Amazon Com

Shelley Page Baur is the writer of the chapter, " Begin with "We" and since I had already read her book,  Integrity-Based Communications, I was excited about her work with the other authors. Shelly discussed the "surrounding circle of accountability." Her concluding statement is that we are power telling when we  "Tell our truth quicker faster and ask for what we want."

Jana Cordona, Executive Director for Business Network International (BNI) in West Tennessee and North Mississippi spoke about the chapter, Collaboration is The New Competition"  She noted that 'good referrals need good relationships" and the importance of not presenting ourselves as generalist.

Carolyn Bendall, owner and President of Fashion Academy, had double duty as Host interviewer and author. She stressed that networking builds on itself  and that  we should always be willing to work and collaborate. Carolyn shared stories of " watching other people do fashion and knowing that she could do the work also, so she set a goal to get herself know in the industry. She used questions to start a Q and Q column and went forward from there.

Mary Singer, Founder and CEO, CRG Sustainable Solutions explained that her chapter in the book was about inspiring women and minorities to make good decisions about their work environments and ensuring that we have resources for this and the next generations.  I listened to Mary as she demonstrated the passion of her work in what she describes as, "The collaboration strategy + sustainability = Grand Social WE purpose.

Debra Norwood AKA Laughter Lawyer is my idea of an encourager and she is a master of "Making the Magic Happen" She wrote the chapter on it. I must confess that I laughed as I was writing because Debra had been so helpful with a presentation that I made to some Faith Community Nurses at the Westberg Symposium/ Church health Center  earlier this year and she made it work. I would like to share this quote " She concludes, "I believe this is just the beginning of many more amazing events to come which will impact many #BOCI professional members and inspire them to strive for higher standards of service.

Terri Murphy is on my "cool chick" list because she was working the room to "Connect even before sitting down to her interview with Sherri. Terri explained to Sherri why she agreed to write the chapter ,"Connect, Communicate, & Collaborate: Harnessing The Power of Connection through Communication" She helped us to understand some of the language of LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. She shared that "These tools only work when you work with them."

Delmar Johnson, CEO, Delmar Johnson and Jo Garner, Founder of Talk Shoppe Networking were unable to be at the interview and book signing but the nuggets are there in the book for more collaboration. The book is available at the BOCI Events and Get yours as soon as possible.

The conclusion of this Author ACTION (Actively Calling To Invite Others Now) ends as it begins. The chapter, "Build your Platform For More Than One" is the image that I have been able to learn from Sherri. She seems to spend each event and experience  with this quote in her head, heart and hand. I hope  your interest in this business collaboration will send you to seek the book.  Sherri puts it best to describe collaboration with this quote, " Join hands, link arms. start building your platform for more than one and continue to bring everyone together... growing out instead of up.


Wy Woods Harris

Health Community Consulting

WysJoyFul Company Company

Twitter: @wysjoyful

LinkedIn: Wyvonia Woods Harris




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Comment by WysJoyful CompanySOS on November 8, 2013 at 2:34am

This is where we were yesterday as we sat around the table listening to new ways of collaborating, connecting and exposure to take care of business while "Z"ing with Samantha. We have outgrown the room so now we are ready to move!

Comment by WysJoyful CompanySOS on October 30, 2013 at 1:09pm

Today was a day of collaboration at #Talk Shoppe as I add an author Jo Garner seen with Sarah Henley #BOCI  signing books.

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