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Host: Sherri Motes Henley – http://sherrimoteshenley.com

Guest: J Cook, Recording Artist and Songwriter as he debuts his new single, The Desert – www.jcookmusic.net  |  http://comeintoyourown.com/own-your-story

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Original Episode Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/businessovercoffee/2016/09/09/j-cook-on-business-over-coffee-international-radio

About Sherri Henley

Founder & CEO of Business Over Coffee International (BOCI), Sherri Henley has mastered the art of collaboration through digital citizenship. In addition to effectively managing one of the fastest growing collaborative business networks of the mid-south, Sherri hosts regular radio & television programs on media channels including BOCI Radio, Sherri Henley Intelligence and Digital Citizen University. As a result of her work to Bring Everyone Together, the mission of Business Over Coffee International, Gubernatorial and Mayoral Proclamations proclaim the first Thursday in December, “BRINGING EVERYONE TOGETHER DAY", a/k/a #TogetherStrong Revolution. As author, speaker, and trainer, Sherri's latest book is Come Into Your OWN - A 31 Day Experience. Sherri has also published The Power of Collaboration in Business with collaborative authors, Digital Citizen 101 - Harnessing the Power of Your Audience, Digital Diary, and L.I.K.E: Leaders In Keeping Excellence through BOCI Publishing. She is also published periodically in magazines as online identity specialist and business columnist. Sherri teaches clients through private, group and corporate training. Her digital expertise and business applications motivate and equip audiences to expand their influence and advance their profession online and off. Contributing to University of Memphis, Fogelman College of Business and Economics among others through periodic speaking, training and development, Sherri has also received awards for excellence in business from other reputable educational entities. As founder, developer and program director for Professional Boost Program (PBP), a mentoring initiative to enhance professionals and entrepreneurs, with successful PBP alumni, Sherri invests time and resources into others. 2014 launched iShare Agency, LLC, bringing experts together for project management, brand development and speakers bureau, while 2015 established Digital Citizen University founded and developed by Sherri.
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