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Sherri Motes Henley is an expert speaker. From corporate to small business, pulpit to social platforms, Sherri knows how to engage a crowd through interaction, motivation, inspiration, leadership, and philosophy.

A perfect mix of corporate and non-profit backgrounds combined with an introspective poet, singer, songwriter-turned powerful entrepreneur, to create a woman who brings valuable deliverables to the table, conference room, or auditorium every time!

As Speaker. Author. Trainer; Sherri’s latest book, Come Into Your OWN – A 31 Day Experience has been touted as “The People’s Book” by CBS Anchor, Marybeth Conley. Sherri has authored several published books and is featured periodically in magazines and op-eds as a digital strategist and business columnist.

As Founder of Business Over Coffee International, Professional Boost Program, Sherri Henley Intelligence, Digital Citizen University, iShare Agency, Together Strong Revolution and Come Into Your OWN Movement, Sherri’s business acumen and leadership skills establish her as a subject-matter authority and thought leader.

Through her experience as Founder & CEO of Business Over Coffee international (BOCI), Sherri hasmastered the art of collaboration through digital citizenship. She hosts regular radio and television programs on a variety of media channels including @KWAM990, a CBS affiliate, as Co-Host of The Marybeth Conley Show – Together Strong Thursday.

As a result of her work to Bring Everyone Together, the mission of Business Over Coffee International, Gubernatorial and Mayoral Proclamations proclaim the first Thursday in December, Together Strong Day.

Sherri trains clients through private, group and corporate sessions as an impetus to increase social intelligence. Contributing to University of Memphis, Fogelman College of Business and Economics, among others, through periodic speaking, training and development, Sherri has received awards from a variety of reputable educational entities.

Sherri invests valuable resources into people for sustainable success by coaching them to discover their authentic voice, craft a strong message that resonates, and then, share their exclusive story with confidence and poise. Each level is ultimately accomplished through sweat equity combined with consistent implementation of a customized digital strategy.


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